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Research Highlights

Understanding Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease (CMT)

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a hereditary peripheral neuropathy, leads to myelin damage in peripheral nerves. Manifesting with motor dysfunction and sensory abnormalities typically before age 10, CMT is a lifelong condition. It represents a considerable gap in pediatric and chronic disease management due to the current lack of curative treatments.

Addressing the Gap in CMT Treatment

The complexity of CMT and the absence of effective treatments underscore the urgent need for innovative therapeutic strategies. At CELLTIUM, we are dedicated to bridging this gap by pioneering novel treatments targeting the root cause of myelin damage in peripheral nerves.

Innovative Screening and Biomarker Breakthroughs

CELLTIUM has advanced high-throughput screening (HTS) platforms that meticulously evaluate crucial aspects of nervous system health. Our platform is expertly engineered to sustain neuro-glial tissue cultures, addressing the critical challenge of long-term cell interaction maintenance. This innovation is pivotal for in-depth screenings. Additionally, our sophisticated biomarkers are fine-tuned to accurately determine the efficacy of potential therapies for CMT.

Advancements in HTS Platform and Drug Discovery

Our HTS platform leads the way in identifying promising compounds through a rigorous screening process, and these compounds have shown promising therapeutic effects. Our ongoing research is focused on deciphering their molecular targets, modes of action, pharmacokinetics, and ADMET profiles.

Setting New Standards in CMT Research and Treatment

CELLTIUM's approach uniquely targets CMT's primary pathology - myelin damage in peripheral nerves. This distinct focus allows us to develop treatments that go beyond symptom relief, setting our research apart from competitors. Our superior efficacy redefines the potential for CMT treatment, positioning CELLTIUM as a pioneer in the field.

Focused Strategies in Target-Based Drug Development

In our quest for groundbreaking CMT treatments, CELLTIUM employs a targeted drug development strategy. We are exploring a range of molecular interactions and pathways that hold promise for effective CMT treatment. This focused approach not only protects our competitive edge but also propels the advancement of our research.

Leading the Charge Against CMT

CELLTIUM is committed to developing treatments that go beyond symptom management, addressing the underlying causes of CMT. Our goal is to transform the lives of those affected by this condition through innovative research, while maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and scientific integrity.

Stay updated on our latest research breakthroughs and advancements in CMT treatment by following CELLTIUM's journey towards a brighter future in Biotechnology and Translational Sciences.

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